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„Gerautus“ is the wholesale company started from 2001. We are modern and still growing, customer-oriented company. The main activities of the company are the wholesale of auto parts and oil, car repair services, delivery on orders. The company successfully operates not only in Lithuania, but also in the markets of neighboring countries.

All of our sales system is perfectly matched. We can boast a large selection of car parts for various car models. Due to our broad range of products, flexible price system we have something to offer even the most fastidious customer. Depending on your preference, we will always find a satisfactory solution.

Because of increasing range of goods and sales we have moved to larger premises (in 2008) and now there are almost 3000 square meters for storage. The long-term and close cooperation with suppliers from German, France, Spain and others EU countries allows us to offer customers high-quality supply of parts for a reasonable price. Also we import products from Asian manufacturers, which strictly control the quality of products and they have the appropriate certificates. Over a long period of time such products have gained the trust of buyers and today it is known as a high-quality auto parts for a competitive price.